EurekyVisions is dedicated to presenting the work of visual artists in Northwest Arkansas. Initial offerings will highlite two glass artists, RhondaRavenscroft-Dixon and E.RaeSmith and also feature photographs of rural Arkansas that are available for wallpaper-for free.
Additionally, EurekyVisions will conduct tutorials that share construction techniques and offer advice via email.
To view the artist's work just use the images below to link to the artist. To view the rural photographs, click on the old house.

rhonda dixon
Rhonda Ravenscroft-Dixon has been creating stained glass artwork in Northwest Arkansas for 29 years.
The journey towards glass started in Kansas City at the Kansas City Art Institute, continued with a volume of work in Denver Colorado and the Rocky Mountains, and settled into Eureka Springs, Arkansas in 1970. Lots of nature, lots of weird stuff...
E.Rae Smith
E. Rae Smith has come to the Eureka area from Hollywood California and Denver Colorado She has mastered many skills of which stained glass design and execution are just a few.

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