Custom designed glass adds your personal touch to your home.
 It's easy and you can order  your original glass work from anywhere and have it shipped to your door.

Here is a typical project.
This is a window that was custom built for a client in Tulsa. Color samples of the room decoration were sent to me along with an interest in a floral theme and bright colors. The client had seen my floral type designs and was interested in something  along that line.
I chose Goldenrods and Cardinalflowers along a stream. Something that you can find in this area.

First I worked up drawings to the  full size the window would be. The drawings were photographed and emailed to Tulsa for approvel along with pictures of the colored glass I wanted to use. These samples could have actually been sent by mail if necessary.

A timeline for delivery and the price were agreed upon.
After approval, I received the 20% deposit and started work. This piece, which is approx. 34x40, was finished and ready for delivery in about 3 weeks. Click here to see the finished window.
Please email me if you would like to consider custom glasswork for your home.